Even Day
Grandes Emoções

EVEN is a Brazilian construction and real estate company that, from times to times hold the Even Day - a single day in which people can buy an apartment with discounts of up to R$400.000,00.
To promote Even Day, we designed and animated a film depicting characters who are completely out of their minds, freaking out in an environment where everyone's going crazy over the amazing discounts.
What a fun way of making a retail advertising film!

Brand: Even
Agency: CP+B Brasil
CCO: André Kassu, Marcos Medeiros
Creative Direction: Marcelo Rizério
Creatives: Rafael Borges, Anderson Castro, Jessyca Silva, Rafael Gomes
Broadcast Producer: Renata Sayão, Fabíola Camilo
Client Services: Renata Wirthmann, Rebecca Kelch, Marina Bordignon
Media: Tiago Santos, Edson Melo, Rafael Takeshita, Matheus Barbian, Fabiana Melo, Tais Frasson, Bruno Marques
Directed by: Jannerson Xavier
Illustration: Victor de Francisco, Rafael Nunes
Motion: Jannerson Xavier, Victor de Francisco
Sound: Saxsofunny
Voice Over: Marcelo Laham
Project Manager: Marcelo Moreno
Client Staff: Marcelo Dzik, Pedro Cabral, Carolina Spada, Ana Cardoso

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